होम Limitless
पुस्तक कवर Limitless


Brain performance expert Jim Kwik teaches readers his core techniques to unleash their inner genius.
You have no limitations.
That's right. In spite of what others have told you—or even what you have told yourself—your limitations are nothing but a lie, and your potential is infinite. And the only thing required to unlock that potential is one fundamental tool:
To learn how to learn.
This is what is revealed in this remarkable book. Jim Kwik will show you proven "mind hacking" strategies backed by scientific studies, ancient wisdom, and decades of experience working with CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, celebrities, and students. You're going to discover how to learn anything from marketing to music to Mandarin. And once you have that power, anything is possible.
This book will show you how to upgrade your brain to memorize more, read and learn faster, and hyper-focus on your goals. Because when you activate your superbrain, anything is...
Hay Houze
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EPUB, 6.81 MB
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आप पुस्तक समीक्षा लिख सकते हैं और अपना अनुभव साझा कर सकते हैं. पढ़ूी हुई पुस्तकों के बारे में आपकी राय जानने में अन्य पाठकों को दिलचस्पी होगी. भले ही आपको किताब पसंद हो या न हो, अगर आप इसके बारे में ईमानदारी से और विस्तार से बताएँगे, तो लोग अपने लिए नई रुचिकर पुस्तकें खोज पाएँगे.