होम Cultural Heritage Care and Management: Theory and Practice

Cultural Heritage Care and Management: Theory and Practice

No other book is available that takes into consideration the diverse components of cultural heritage and suggests how these components can best be:
  • organized and arranged,
  • cataloged and described,
  • exhibited,
  • made accessible,
  • and preserved and conserved by librarians, archivists, and museum curators.

Cultural Heritage Care and Management: Theory and Practice covers a vast array of components such as landscape, foodways, performance and dance, language, etc. In addition, the tools, technologies, and methodologies for organizing and arranging, cataloging and describing, exhibiting, providing access, and preserving and conserving these components are also covered.

In this book:

  • Diverse, indigenous, and global perspectives of cultural heritage are described
  • Laws and cultural rules and norms for the care and management of cultural heritage resources and components are discussed
  • Tools and methodologies for the organization, access, and preservation of cultural heritage are described.
  • Theories and concepts related to digital heritage are discussed.
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