मुख्य Materials Science for Engineering Students

Materials Science for Engineering Students

Waltham: Academic Press, 2008. — 600 p. — ISBN: 9780080920023 (Academic PresseBook);
ISBN: 9780123735874 (Print Book).Materials Science for Engineering Students offers students of introductory materials science and engineering, and their instructors, a fresh perspective on the rapidly evolving world of advanced engineering materials. This new, concise text takes a more contemporary approach to materials science than the more traditional books in this subject, with a special emphasis on using an inductive method to first introduce materials and their particular properties and then to explain the underlying physical and chemical phenomena responsible for those properties. The text pays particular attention to the newer classes of materials, such as ceramics, polymers and composites, and treats them as part of two essential classes, structural materials and functional materials, rather than the traditional method of emphasizing structural materials alone.Presents balanced coverage of both structural and functional materials.
Types of materials are introduced first, followed by explanation of physical and chemical phenomena that drive their specific properties.
Strong focus on engineering applications of materials
The first materials science text to include a whole chapter devoted to batteries.
Provides clear, mathematically simple explanations of basic chemistry and physics underlying materials properties.
PDF, 16.40 MB
डाउनलोड (pdf, 16.40 MB)

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